Feedback and Review


Young Scientist of the Year, 2018
Working Mathematically, Years 11-12, 2018
1st, Australian Institute of Physics, 2018
Second, NSW Young ICT Explorers, Years 11-12, 2018
IIATE Innovation and Engineering Design, 2018
AARNet Working Mathematically, 2018

Feedback and Review

Just show this to Elon Musk and he’ll offer you a job straight away.
Warwick Holmes, Director of Space Engineering, Sydney University

…the graphical representation is very nice. Indeed, this would make a nice teaching tool to explain how to get from the orbit of one planet, to another. Considering that this is a school-level project, it is very impressive.
Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Julius Sumner Miller Fellow, Sydney University

The fact that you already provide calculations for some of the very important mission profiles already under consideration is wonderful. The fact that you are already looking to our future and considering interstellar transfers is impressive! The overall interface has a great feel and is easy to use… While your program is already a powerful tool for individuals that really want to know quickly when their next optimal launch might be to send a payload to Mars, I think it is equally powerful as an education tool to teach people the complexities involved and the sort of variables that need to be considered when developing and operating a mission.
Brian McLaughlin, Near Earth Network Technology Lead, NASA

Callum’s project shows exceptional talent in both software, web, and mathematics. He’s well above his peers, in fact the transfer calculator he wrote is a solution of high interest to space operations and shows a natural instinct for solving the hard problems of interplanetary transfers. What I really like about his work is he took
the effort to merge complex information in simple human readable terms. Callum’s talent is representative of the best of Young Australia.
Dr Jason Held, CEO Saber Astronautics, ex US Army Space Command

I liked the clarity of the user interface, and the way the user acquires a better understanding of orbital mechanics through the ability to experiment and try different things. The graphics is excellent and the performance is very acceptable for a browser-based project. The physics seems very solid. It is an impressive piece of work.
Ian Davies, creator ISYS Search and space enthusiast

The Transfer calculator is an exceptional work! It’s hard to improve on such a good application!
Warwick Holmes, Director of Space Engineering, Sydney University